Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Mentions légales

Relais de Florame respect a very strict privacy policy.

It is, indeed, in accordance with the law. And more particularly with the Regulation entered into force May 25, 2018 (General Regulations for the Protection of Personal Data called "GDPR"). With this Privacy Policy document, Relais de Florame wish to explain as clearly as possible the personal information we collect and protect.

1. Information to serve you ... and nothing more

Your name, your delivery address or your email address are personal data. As such, they must be protected ... even if Relais de Florame must be aware of it, if only to deliver what you purchase in the best conditions.
Only the data necessary for the management of your order are required: payment, packing, and delivery as well as your opinions on our products and your customer experience.
We collect these data and only these data. Nothing more.

If we ask for your date of birth, it is an obligatory legal formality! As for the number of your children, the name of your dog or your musical preferences, we will not know.
The data you provide to us are only intended for Relais de Florame.
We promise never to disclose, rent or sell your personal data to a third party. The partners with whom we work may have to process some of this data on behalf of Relais de Florame, in accordance with our guidelines and with an obligation of absolute confidentiality!

So, we just know what you tell us.

2. Promoted content ... if you want

You can receive informative and promotional newsletters from us if you are a subscriber. As for other communications that we may have, they are simply meant to ensure you the best delivery. Whether confirming the order or responding to a request for advice, we only do what is necessary. At Relais de Florame we fight for the right to tranquility.

3. How your data are used?

• Your purchases on
We collect the following data: your name, your first name, your billing address, your delivery address (es), your email address, your phone number and your date of birth.
This data is collected when you create a customer account or when you order "as a guest". All of these data are used to manage your orders, from adding to the basket to home delivery.

• Your interactions with our Customer Service
We collect the following data: your name, your first name, your billing address, your delivery address (es), your email address, your phone number and your order history.
This collected data help us to process your requests and ensure you the best customer service.

• Our promotional content
We collect your email address and your consent to receive informative and promotional newsletters from Les Relais de Florame.
Similarly, after having received your order, you will likely receive from us a communication suggesting that you leave an opinion on your experience with Les Relais de Florame.

4. You always control your data

Your personal data are not fixed in the marble. You can download, modify or delete all or part of it at any time. For this purpose, you will find a dedicated area in your customer account.

Still, under the law, we must keep some data relating to transactions: history of your orders, invoices, etc. All these data are kept for 10 years.