Expertise and values

Time-Honored Expertise

Time-Honored Expertise

A Provencal aromatic heritage to perpetuate a tradition long forgotten.

The collection and distillation activities are closely linked to the rural history of Provence and more particularly to the history of Saint-Rémy de Provence. From the Middle Ages, herbalists roamed the Alpilles looking for these aromatic plants. They then distilled and elaborated, from the essences, beauty care formulas. At Florame, we have long drawn from these traditional natural recipes. Restore the harmony of body and mind, with these patiently obtained natural essences is our primary value.

In the heart of Provence

In 1990, Florame moved to Provence. Located in Saint-Rémy de Provence, within the Alpilles Natural Park, Florame has become over the years a reference in the world of organic Essential Oils.

Every essence has its virtue

Every flower has a soul

But it's not a coincidence that we decided to settle in Provence ...

Un terroir unique

Les Alpilles, terre parfumée où bat le coeur de la Provence, représentent une réserve exceptionnelle d'espèces végétales. Sur ses côteaux arides, ses collines et ses roches montagneuses pousse et fleurit une grande diversité d'essences de plantes médicinales aux multiples vertus.