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Florame : Pioneer of organic Aromatherapy and Cosmetics.

Fully committed to ecology, traceability and fair trade since 1990, Florame has concentrated all its know-how in the selection of the best organic essential oils. Each oil is rigorously controlled in our laboratory according to extremely strict and rigorous quality criteria.

Florame continues its path to condense in its beauty products all the forces of nature, between eternal tradition and permanent innovation…

Florame also accompanies you with certified organic solutions and has always its unique signature : ultra-rich formulas, with proven effective, from noble origins, in addition to all the perfumes that pay tribute to the natural treasures that compose them.

Beyond the label, beyond even the trademark, by choosing us, you remain faithful to our common ideal where the environment and health are unswervingly linked.

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Organic Citronella Essential Oil

Citronella essential oil is known to have cleansing and relaxing properties.


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Ancestral know-how

A Provencal aromatic heritage to perpetuate a long forgotten tradition.

Organic agriculture and natural environment

A unique selection of Essential Oils, respectful of people and the environment.

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