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For over 30 years, Florame has established itself as an essential reference in the world of organic cosmetics and aromatherapy.

Located in the historically rich town of Saint-Rémy de Provence in the heart of Provence, Florame draws its vocation from a rich and authentic local culture. From the biodiversity of the fields to the controlled environment of its own manufacturing laboratories, Florame perpetuates a tradition of natural harvesting, distillation, and formulation like no other model before it.

Continuing the agricultural and scientific history of the Alpilles, Florame offers health and beauty products with proven effectiveness. Our integrated laboratories formulate dietary supplements, highly concentrated facial cosmetics, and body and hair care products to meet all needs.

Florame also offers solutions for natural air and surface treatment, always with proven effectiveness. All these products are formulated with the highest possible percentages of organic ingredients and from the highest quality organic essential oils combined with vegetable oils, raw butters, and vegetable waxes, as well as locally certified floral waters, all controlled in our analysis and production laboratories.

While our commitment to organic farming and environmental respect is at the heart of our approach, it is our relentless pursuit of research and proven effectiveness that has built our reputation. Every plant active selected by Florame comes from the best terroirs; it is always natural, whole, and certified by Ecocert, ensuring perfect traceability from producer to finished product. In partnership with small producers, we also promote certified fair trade, illustrated notably by emblematic projects like "Florame-Madagascar," combining ethical commitment and sustainable development.

As a pioneer and precursor in aromatherapy and organic cosmetics, Florame supports you daily with truly natural and truly exclusive formulas. Our products, recognized for their unique properties and distinctive olfactory signature, restore the harmony of body and mind while respecting the earth, women, and men.

Join Florame, the perfect alliance between tradition, innovation, and nature restoration.

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Florame Organic Complete Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil is the one that offers the most relaxing and purifying properties.

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