Experts in organic Essential Oils

Experts in organic essential oils

Tradition in heritage

Tradition in heritage

Since our establishment in Provence, we have surrounded ourselves with local distillers in order to perpetuate and optimize their knowledge and know-how. We thus learned and mastered the Art of Distillation by taking inspiration from recognized traditional processes, patiently experimented methods, based on knowledge passed down from generation to generation, to extract, thanks to simple water vapor, the quintessence of each plant.

A unique selection of organic essential oils

We have always been committed to producing Essential Oils that meet your requirements. Result of the steam distillation of aromatic plants or the cold expression of citrus zest (essences), Florame Essential Oils are:
Grown in organic farming. We continue to carry the passion of the few pioneers who have committed themselves to this alternative approach, respectful of people and the environment. All our Essential Oils are made from plants grown in organic farming or plants picked in the wild. The biological guarantee of our Essential Oils is verified and certified by the independent company ECOCERT.

The institute of essential oils

Created by Florame in 2014, the Institute of Essential Oils brings together a research center and a unique touristic complex. This site is entirely dedicated to the discovery and the knowledge of these treasures: result of steam distillation, the Essential Oils conceal exceptional richnesses:
therapeutic virtues, subtle perfumes used in traditional perfumery, cosmetic active ingredients...
Our center of scientific research, botanical garden, store, distillation show, aromatherapy workshops are located all in one place: Florame Institute of Essential Oils...
Nature lovers will be happy!