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My new Florame sponsorship programme

We are delighted to introduce you to the brand new sponsorship program of Florame, a renowned brand of aromatherapy and organic cosmetics.

Natural wellness products.

We strongly believe in the power of personal recommendations and the importance of sharing positive experiences with our loved ones. This is why we have created this referral program to reward our loyal customers and offer them a unique opportunity to introduce the benefits of Florame products to those around them.

By becoming a sponsor, you will be able to share your passion for our products, help your friends and family discover a new approach to beauty and well-being, while benefitting exclusive rewards.

Join us now and together, let's create a network of benevolence and sharing around the wonders of nature thanks to the Florame sponsorship program.

Sponsorship program
Level 1

Sponsor your friends and receive a reward of €15.00 for each referral who places an order on the site.

After their first order, your friend will also receive discount voucher worth €10.00* for a minimum purchase of €20.00, excluding shipping costs.

Level 2

If your friend in turn sponsors one or more friends, you will then benefit from a 10%* discount on your next order excluding shipping costs (valid only once).

Level 3

If your friend's friend in turn sponsors one or more friends, you will then benefit from a 5% discount* on your next order excluding shipping costs (valid for one only once).

*Usable immediately after the withdrawal period

How to become a sponsor at Florame?

You must first create your customer account and place an order on our site fr.florame.com in order to be eligible for sponsor status. You will then be able to invite your godchild by 4 different means available from your account under the tab Sponsorship program.

Sponsorship program

1/ Propose your sponsorship on social networks through the given links.

2/ Give your referral link to your friends.

3/ Indicate your e-mail or sponsor code to the godchild so that he can fill it in when registering.

4/ Enter the emails of your referrals using the form provided.