Our ranges

Our ranges

Organic essential oils are the treasures lying at the heart of plants! Made from steam distillation of aromatic plants or cold pressing of citrus zest (essences), Florame’s essential oils are botanically and biologically defined. Diffusion: for their fragrance and the well-being they bring to your home, you can diffuse them with a fragrance diffuser or a perfume heater. Bath, Massage, Aromatherapy: essential oils can be used for their precious therapeutic properties, on your practitioner’s advice.

All the exceptional Florame’s know-how concentrated in your beauty oils! A fine selection of organic vegetable oils for a velvet skin. Organic essential oils, with subtle fragrances, associated with organic vegetable oils, with unique textures.

Obtained from steam distillation of aromatic plants from organic farming, Florame floral waters are full of water-soluble aromatic molecules and trace elements. Their properties are similar to essential oils. They are a gentle method of aromatherapy, offering genuine fresh and subtly scented care, particularly adapted for children and those a bit more sensitive.

Florame has formulated specific care products which provide an effective response to ease the little aches and pains of daily living.

The atmospheric diffusion is used to clean the ambiant air but also to live a moment of olfactory pleasure by creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Florame has selected an organic Camomile extract with soothing properties, Cornflower and Witch-Hazel floral waters with calming, purifying, cooling properties to delicately cleanse your face. Adapted to all skin types, these formulas gently remove make-up and impurities. Your skin is clean, soothed, fresh and radiant.

The result of Florame research, the Anti-Aging Lys Perfection line draws its strength from the combination of an exclusive complex of Organic Essential Oils** with repairing, firming properties, active ingredients with proven effectiveness against signs of aging, and extract of Organic White Lily, known for its moisturizing and protective virtues. It naturally revives the skin, restoring a feeling of comfort and softness, day after day.

Florame’s Tolerance range has been specially formulated to meet the needs of sensitive skin, with an atopic syndrome. Enhanced with spring water from Haute Provence, it contains the essential care ingredients for reactive skin. Barley, cornflower and witch hazel floral waters combined with a patented concentrate of 7 active ingredients from plants relieve discomfort, while at the same bringing added well-being and softness to the skin. Your skin feels soothed, protected and more beautiful. Fragrance free, this line is made to limit risks of allergy and tested under dermatological control.

The Moisturizing line covers essential care for your face. It contains moisturizing organic Water Lily extract for maximum moisture retention. Its organic essential oils** complex with anti-free radical, repairing properties will help protect your skin from environmental conditions and pollution that cause skin aging. It lastingly moisturizes and protects your skin and brightens your complexion.

The PURETE line targets blemishes for combined and oily skin. Enhanced with organic Wild Pansy extract, known for its purifying, soothing virtues, it clears up the epidermis and prevents blemishes forming. Its complex of organic essential oils* with repairing, purifying properties helps to maintain a healthier skin. It purifies, restores balance and leaves the skin softer.

The Nutrition line provides essential skin care for dry, sensitive skin. Its synergy of organic Evening Primrose and Calendula vegetable oils, with high fatty acid content, rebuilds and softens the epidermis while at the same time protecting it against dehydration. The protective, soothing actions of organic camelina’s milk, selected by Florame’s research team, further boosts the effectiveness of these skin care products.

Dive into the heart of nature thanks to these products with organic essential oils directly inspired by the treasures of our native Provence!

To meet men’s specific skin care needs, Florame has created a compound that is a genuine concentrate of nature, with a blend of cedar and argan for a stronger action. Made up of products for shaving, facial and body care, with a fresh, woody scent, Homme For Men line transforms the daily wash ritual into a pure moment of natural well-being and pleasure.

Florame’s Eaux de Toilette and Eaux de Parfum with organic essential oils offer you top quality fragrance creations and genuine concentrates of nature. Exclusively made with organic and natural ingredients, they respect your skin and reveal your inner personality.

Florame has carefully selected an exclusive compound of organic essential oils and vegetable extracts for each hair type. These gentle natural formulas mean you can wash you hair as often as necessary.

They are the ideal ally to take mosquitoes from temperate as well as tropical areas away and avoid their bites. They will come with you in all your trips and summer nights.

Florame has chosen to respect people and the environment in its line of Home Fragrances. Ever closer to nature, the Florame Research & Development team has therefore developed 100% Organic products. There are subtle, varied fragrances to satisfy every desire, exclusively formulated with Organic Essential Oils, and to awaken our senses in harmony with the plants!