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Concentrated source of organic freshness for all skin types

The HYDRATATION range combines the essential care products for fresh, radiating beauty skin. Resulting from Florame research, these expert formulas are adapted to different skin types and are a true source of intense and immediate hydration. The Organic Water Lily extract and the duo of medium and high molecular weight hyaluronic acids combine their virtues for visible efficacy, from the very first application. Thanks to the alliance of an exclusive complex of Organic Essential Oil* with floral and plant notes, the face is revitalized and protected from environmental damage.


* Cardamom, Atlas Cedar, African Geranium, Spearmint, Bitter Orange Leaf, Complete Ylang-Ylang and 100%natural fragrance

Lastingly moisturized, the skin is soft and luminous, as if adorned with a radiant freshness.




with Organic Essential Oils

Cardamom, African Geranium and Spearmint Essential Oils, known for their regenerating power, protect the skin from environmental damage


Atlas Cedar, Bitter Orange Leaf and Complete Ylang-Ylang Essential Oils, with rebalancing virtues, promote relaxation for a real moment of care

and with Organic Water Lily

A Water Lily extract from France with a doubled concentration for optimal moisturizing


Its flowers are cultivated, harvested by hand and then infused in organic vegetable glycerine according to a very strict protocol, to extract all the quintessence of the Water Lily


Contains powerful moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties. It allows a significant and persistent improvement of the skin's hydration

the Fragrance

100% natural origin and developed in Grasse by our master perfumer partner Plant top notes on a floral heart, underlined by an aquatic base

The HYDRATATION Collection

Radiance Protection Serum

The Assets :

• Refreshing gel, suitable for all skin types

• Triple action : awakening, boosting and preserving

• Eco-designed packaging with at least 80% recycled materials

Refreshing Hydrating Fluid

The Assets

• Lightweight and refreshing texture, perfect for normal to combination skins

• Essential care to moisturize and revitalize the essential functions of your face

• Instantly hydrate the skin for up to 24 hours

Nourishing Whipped Cream

The Assets​

• Perfect way to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin’s essential functions

• Specifically designed for the needs of normal to dry skin

• Long-lasting hydration for 24 hours after just one application

Eye Cream

The Assets

• Fine and lightweight texture

• A must-have for reducing visible signs of tiredness around the eyes

• Proven efficacy on the moisturizing effect up to 24H