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The essential care for dry and sensitive skin

Its synergy of organic Evening Primrose and Calendula vegetable oils, with high fatty acid content, rebuilds and softens the epidermis while protecting it against dehydration. The protective, soothing actions of organic camelina oil, selected by Florame’s research team, further boosts the effectiveness of these skin care products

Repaired, skin feels comfortable and soft again




with Organic Vegetable Oils

Primrose : with its regenerating and softening properties, it’s very useful against cutaneous dryness. It also helps the skin to maintain its hydration level thanks to its high concentration in gamma-linoleic acids

Calendula : his oily macerate is advised for dry and sensitive skin for its soothing power. It also contributes to protect the hydrolipidic film of the skin

with Organic Camelina

The Organic Camelina is a precious ally for dry skins

It has a lot of properties to repair the epidermis: softening, regenerating, soothing…


Developped by our perfumer in Grasse and formulated allergen-free, Nutrition fragrance mixes green, fresh and floral scents


Body Scrub Cream

The assets

A tube easy to handle and a convenient flip-top cap

An onctueux texture adapted to dry and sensitive skin

A gentle and efficient exfoliation to free the skin of impurities

Face and Body Rich Balm

The assets

High capacity, for a use without compromise between pleasure and efficacy

Rich texture for and intensely nourished skin

Formula with proven efficacy

Gentle Roll-On Deodorant

The assets

Proven efficacy on deodorant effect

Easy to use with its roll-on applicator system

An efficient and sensitive skin-friendly formula

Nourishing Lip Balm

The assets

High percentage of organic ingredients

Very practical tube with its integrated labial applicator

Rich texture for a pleasant application

Can be carried anywhere and used at anytime

Nourishing Hand Cream

The assets

Convenient tube to carry everywhere

Soft texture that quickly penetrates

Formula with proven efficacy

Soothing Foot Cream

The assets

Practical and nomadic tube

Rich but non-oily texture

Great for massaging feet for a truly relaxing moment

Formula with proven efficacy