Fair For Life Label Certification

Fair for life certification label


Certification Programmes for Fair trade within responsible supply chains and Corporate Social Responsibility.This labeling Fair For Life (Fair Trade in agriculture, manufacturing and trade.) is issued by an official Certification Body and means commitment to guiding principles, ethics, deontology, awareness with respect towards producers, workers and working conditions. Beyond this probity, it is not only a means of ardently defending a more human and ethical economic model, this label Fair For Life encourages real initiatives, concrete actions carried out with respect and betterment of local impact. What are the objectives of this label certification ? 

The Fair For Life standard is working to developing a fairer, more virtuous society in which commerce, through ethical, fair and respectful partnerships, turns into a driving force, a factor of positive and sustainable change benefiting people and their environment. This label was created in 2006 in Switzerland to promote fair trade on two axis, North-South or North-North.

the objectives

·      Create long-term contacts in adequacy with the founding values of fair trade : making a sincere commitment that includes fixed prices and volumes.

·      Refer to a structure within which each key actor of a sector is able to commit to the principles of Fair Trade.

·      Establish specifications, rules applying to all the stakeholders. Those regulatory requirements which characterize fair trade and responsible commodity chains (contract on fixed volumes, regular exchanges, quality in complIance with the specification, steering of financial fund)  

·      Ensure efficient control and respect of these rules while proposing a flexible approach to adapt to the situations, specificities, local cultures and traditions : find a good compromise with mutual understanding.

·      Invest in situ and provide assistance and monitoring for the projects while encouraging producers’ autonomy : transmission of know how, knowledge, teaching methods and acting with caring and support.

·      Encourage organizations and firms for more transparancy, to guarantee traceability of the product, unambiguously.

·      Raise consumers’ awareness of ecological and social issues, involve them and make responsible consumers to influence them for more ethical buying decisions.

Florame s’engage sur une durée de 3 ans minium à reverser 5% du montant d’achat au fonds de développement de la filière labellisée. En achetant les Huiles Végétales Vierges Bio d’Argan, de Noisette, de Ricin et de Sésame labellisées commerce équitable Fair For Life vous apportez votre soutien et contribuez activement à la croissance et à la pérennisation de ces filières. Cette obligation de reverser un pourcentage du chiffre d’affaires de nos fournisseurs réalisé par la vente des produits labellisés permet de financer des projets locaux. Le fond, piloté par les producteurs, donne ainsi vie à des projets au service du collectif : investir dans des outils durables, financer des transitions vers l’agriculture biologique, édifier des écoles ou permettre l’accès à des soins.


At your scale, you make a useful contribution, it is not a trivial act of purchase : you do not suspect the significance of this gesture. By purchasing a fair trade labeled product,you are getting involved, you become a committed consumer.

·      I contribute to the improvement of working conditions and social benefits of the disadvantaged actors benefiting from fair trade, by giving themcards in hand, opportunities to fulfill themselves.

·      I promote the sustainable development of an area, by supporting the maintenance of the local social fabric, above all in peripheral and rural areas. I encourage dialogue between producers and workers concerning large-scale long-terms projects.

Social Commitmens

Employees’ IDs are not confiscated by the employer. Employees can form unions without fear of reprisal. No discrimination is tolerated : gender, ethnicity, religion. Working time do not exceed 48 hours per week, one day off per week is guaranteed, overtime is optional  and is paid or compensated.

Deployment of health and training programs.

Gender equality : women’s work is valued. The participation of women in the governance of organizations is encouraged.

Working conditions : workers evolve in a safety and safe environment without an endangerment or practices, harmful or dangerous working methods which could lead to deterioration of health. The tools and equipment provided are suitable and ensure the safety of workers.

Accommodation centers are built to accommodate seasonal workers

Environmental Commitments

Labeled producers do not carry out tests on animals and do not have tests carried out by other companies.

Chemicals, harmful to environment and health are removed and blacklisted by Fair For Life. Their use is extremely limited even prohibited.

Installation of green energy devices, renewable, new and more ecological energy sources.

Alternatives to pesticides (biodiversity, tillage, permaculture)

Alternatives aux pesticides (biodiversité, travail du sol, permaculture)

Economic commitments

Layout of rooms for workers

Support for the farmers who are going organic

Purchase of agricultural equipment to relieve the workers

Construction of storage buildings, factories

Diversification of income sources