Lys Perfection

La révolution biologique pour
les peaux matures

The result of Florame research, the Anti-Aging Lys Perfection line draws its strength from the combination of an exclusive complex of Organic Essential Oils* with repairing, firming properties, active ingredients with proven effectiveness against signs of aging, and extract of Organic White Lily, known for its moisturizing and protective virtues

It naturally revives the skin, restoring a feeling of comfort and softness, day after day

*Roman Camomile, African Geranium, Fine Lavender and Palmarosa

Naturally replenished, the skin regains comfort and softness day after day




with Organic Essential Oils

Romain Camomile Essential Oil : this oil, which has a strong fruity fragrance, fosters cell regeneration and has soothing properties

African Geranium Essential Oil : this oil is widely-used both in perfumery for its fragrance which reminds rose, and cosmetic for its regenerating virtues

Fine Lavender Essential Oil : well-known for its soothing and skin regenerating properties, it removes the excess sebum. Widely-used in perfumery, it has a familiar fragrance

Palmarosa Essential Oil : its fragrance is much appreciated because it is made up of a typical note of rose. It is widely-used in cosmetic to foster cell regeneration and remove the excess sebum

Incense Essential Oil : it is widely-used for its cell-regeneration virtue

and Organic White Lily

This plant with smooth and solar fragrance has been used for a long time for its cosmetic properties. Indeed, it is well-known for its moisturizing and protective virtues. Sometimes, it is also said that it has lightening and cellular regenerative properties

the Fragrance

Created by our perfumer in Grasse. 

This fragrance is floral avec very feminine

Lys Perfection

Anti-Aging Serum
Maximum Repair

The assets

Froasted glass bottle, very convenient its dropper

Oily serum

High percentage of organic ingredients

Proven efficacy on reduction of the intensity of pigmentation marks

Anti-Aging Regenerating
Face Cream

The assets

Recyclable airless bottle, making the cream dosage easy

Global care essential to fight against the signs of aging in everyday life

High percentage of organic ingredients

Anti-Aging Repairing Eye
Contour Care

The assets

Very practical with its end fitting that eases proportioning and application of the cream

Effective formula to give a boost to the look

High percentage of organic ingredients

Anti-Aging Lifting
Face Mask

The assets

Reyclable tube, very convenient with its dispenser cap

Express ritual to restore vitality and tone

High percentage of organic ingredients