Essential protective and enhancing face cares

The HYDRATATION range gathers essential cares for your face.

This range enriched with moisturizing organic Water Lily extract provides the skin optimum hydration.

Its organic essential oils* complex will help to protect the skin from environmental conditions and pollution.

*Samphire, African Geranium, Spicata Mint and Bitter Orange Leaf

It lastingly moisturizes and protects the skin and brightens complexion




with Organic Essential Oils

Samphire Essential Oils has anti-free radical properties and protects the skin against aging

African Geranium Essential Oil, thanks to its regenerating, toning and astringent properties, its is a real beauty treasure

Spicata Mint Essential Oil and its regenerating properties are very helpful in the fight against aging

Orange Leaf Essential Oil, cell-regenerative, it revitalizes skin

and with Organic Water Lily

The 100% Organic Water Lily extract from France has powerful hydration properties thanks to its very strict cultivation and harvesting mode

It allows a significant and lasting increase of skin hydration


Created by our perfumer in Grasse, it combines citrus and fruity notes. This fragrance is fresh and very feminine


Moisturizing Face

The assets

A restorative care as light as for tired and dehydrated skins

To use daily or as a 28-days treatment to boost hydration

highest percentage of organic ingredients

Moisturizing Face Cream

The assets

A 4-in-1 care : moisturizing and protective, used as day care and night care

A light texture adapted to normal to combination

RICH Moisturizing Face

The assets

Replace the Moisturizing Cream with its creamy texture nourishes and soothes skin

A creamy texture adapted to dry to normal skin

Eye Reviving Gel-Cream

The assets

A care against dark circles and puffiness

Penetrates rapidly

Gives a freshness feeling at the application

Moisturizing Face Mask

The assets

A real moisturizing bath

Forms a protective film on the surface of the skin for lasting efficiency